Jive Gel

Jive Gel


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This is a concentrated intensive treatment for oily and problematic facial skin with immediately visible effect of reducing acne and pimples. It is applied to facial skin during the microneedling treatment. Formulation with high content of hyaluronic acid demonstrates its effectiveness in the fight against acne. Due to its specific structure, hyaluronic acid acts on the skin surface thus preventing it from drying, while, at the same time, penetrating into deeper layers and providing hydration, firmness and elasticity. The solution works very quickly and after the first application the facial skin quality is visibly improved and the skin becomes cleaner and more radiant. Light, fast absorbing base is enriched with active component with multiple effects.

Niacinamide removes acne by improving circulation, thereby reducing the possibility of clogging the pores. It soothes the inflamed area, the redness gradually disappears, the pimple is reduced and it quickly dries. Niacinamide has exceptional anti-inflammatory properties and it is ideal for acne in adults because it soothes the inflammation, reduces wrinkles and reduces post-inflammatory spots all at the same time.

Use: Apply the product to facial skin during the treatment.