Ultimate Skin Cocktails 5/1 (3ml) *Nuevo tamaño*

Ultimate Skin Cocktails 5/1 (3ml) *Nuevo tamaño*


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This is a highly concentrated, intensive cocktail for facial skin with the immediately visible wrinkles reducing effect. Very powerful formulation enriched with hyaluronic acid demonstrates its effectiveness in the fight against wrinkles, not only by reducing the existing wrinkles but by slowing down the formation of new ones as well. Concentrate of vitamins and other active ingredients works very quickly and after the first application the facial skin quality is visibly improved and the skin becomes more radiant. By daily use, the skin becomes more vital and compact and the face gets a youthful glow. Light, fast absorbing base contains a unique combination of active components.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a multifunctional active component with numerous positive effects on sensitive, hyper pigmented and problematic skin, both old and young. This exceptional active component increases skin moisture, stimulates microcirculation and accelerates epithelisation. With older skin, it stimulates collagen and elastane synthesis, thus preventing freckles and spots from forming. It has anti-inflammatory effects and it strengthens defence capabilities of the skin.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5) has exceptional regenerative properties. It establishes and maintains natural moisture, softness and elasticity of the skin. By stimulating cell division in the epidermis, it promotes natural processes of skin regeneration and accelerates its healing. It has a soothingnd anti-inflammatory effect and maintains the natural pH of the skin.

Hydrating complex enables moisture transmission into the deepest layers of the skin, acts as a molecular sponge which binds water, proteins and mucopolysaccharides, increasing the volume and filling the skin from the inside to the outside. It deeply restores skin moisture, thus providing intensive immediate and long-term hydration.

Collagen is a protein that is the main structural component of the deeper layer of the skin (dermis). It has exceptional regenerative properties, improves skin texture, tonus and elasticity. Hygroscopic property of macromolecules provides collagen with a remarkable ability to hydrate surface layers of the epidermis. Due to this, collagen reduces wrinkles and provides an incredible feeling of softness after application.

Mango extract is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, potassium and beta carotene. These ingredients are known to nourish and beautify the skin It narrows the pores and helps in soothing problematic skin areas. In addition, it neutralises harmful free radicals and improves microcirculation, thus improving the exchange of nutrients in the skin cells, making it smooth, soft and elastic.

Cucumber extract prevents water retention in the cells and provides a specific feeling of pleasant cooling due to high content of caffeine acid and vitamin C. This extract protects the skin from moisture loss on long-term basis and efficiently restores its natural resistance.

Aloe Vera gel has the ability of deep penetration, thus bringing nutrients to the living cells in the dermis and hypodermis. Due to its nutritional and antioxidant properties, it has a powerful healing effect, it moisturises and softens the skin, soothing the irritations.

Use: Apply the product every evening before going to bed to previously cleansed face and neck skin after the MICRONEEDLING treatment, for at least 5 days. The product is recommended after exposure to stressful nfluences (cold, smoky rooms, strong sunlight)